Flash Mystery Story Challenge!

The door closed.  Parrots began flying up towards the solar rooftop that was open.  She glanced backwards over the mounds of coconut flour and sugar waiting to be made into that surprise birthday cake she was supposed to jump out of.

‘ You can forget that, ‘ she said pulling off the bejewelled costume and jumping into her favorite pair of parachute pants and top ‘ I’m getting out of here.’

She followed the blue and green Macaws as they flew up and out of the massive white kitchen, jamming the 45 revolver she found under a pile of cherries into her photographers vest.

As the tip of her boot hit the edge of the skylight and the last yellow macaw flew past her head she could hear the door below break off its hinges………


You finish it!!!!


Detective Story of The Day

Official site chronicling the adventures of Indian detective, Vish Puri. Read an excerpt from the forthcoming book, ‘The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken’; tour Vishvishpuri.com


It’s set in a very believable India and the detective Vish Puri (being Punjabi and all) loves to boast about his achievements, lives on deep-fried food despite the despite the despairing entreaties of doctor and wife, has nicknames for his staff and …

Indian Weekender · 10/2/2009


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