Dashiell Hammett And Ross Macdonald



Two of my current favorite writers ever since I found a collection of each writer’s novels in one of my many old book forays -one 1969 one 1970, a peak in classy writing.


Mr. Hammett writes in a staccato of images and words that builds until boom you laugh reflect or wonder what will come next Mr. Macdonald rolls his words around as if on a roller coaster mixing them with surprise spikes of artful images that present you an insight into feelings or a box of word wit.


Both are equal in their skill at mystery, one is a clear hardboiled perception of the world the other an intrinsic leap into the abstract beauty and psychology of situations and people.

for example –

“She stirred like an odalisque in the dying light, and recrossed her polished legs. ”



“The chauffeur, still toting his billboard cue, still regarding me without fondness, met me on the  ground floor and took me to the door, looking as if he hoped I would start something.  I didn’t.”



Painting wise it reminds me of Impresionism meeting Cubism, pick up a read at the library and see what you think!


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