Book On Tape For Your Lunch Break

The Cat Who Talked To Ghosts

By Lillian Jackson Braun


Qwilleran ( our sleuth of choice and ex-newspaperman) courtesy tip for late night callers  from book below-


After receiving a late night call-

I would say in a grandly fashion,

” To whom am I speaking sir?”

” Of all the four letter words I know, the speediest turnoff in such circumstances is “whom.”


So true and so classy but Qwilleran isn’t always that centered so read/listen on and enjoy a cozy-ish softboiled-mystery!


Below from

When Mrs. Cobb heard unearthly noises in the antique-filled farmhouse, she called Jim Qwilleran for help. But he was too late. It looked as if his kindly ex-housekeeper had been frightened to death–but by whom? Or what? Now Qwilleran’s moved into the historic farmhouse with his two cat companions–and Koko the Siamese is spooked.


”  The sun was shining as she stepped over his body and rollerskated into the elephant tent nearby. “



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