Detective For A Friday Night – Dave Robicheaux ( By James Lee Burke)

Jerry Raine talks about


     ” He reached under the bar and brought out a battered paperback.  It was called ” The Neon Rain.”  ‘There have been four books written about Dave,’ he said.  “They’re all great.  That’s the first one.  A good place to start.’

     ‘You mean I’ve just been talking to a fictional character? I said.  How much had I been drinking?

     The barman shook his head.  ‘I wouldn’t say that exactly.  Dave’s real enough that’s for sure.  He’s just a great guy.  Great guy.’

     I went out into the night and headed for my pickup.  I put ” The Neon Rain ” on the dashboard and curled up on the seat to sleep.  Outside it began to rain.  I thought of Dave Robicheaux as the bourbon knocked me out.  I’d try and make that AA meeting tomorrow.  It should be interesting.  If I didn’t, I could always read the books.


above from


‘She sat on the large brown rock and placed her toes into the clear warm water when she noticed a trunk sunk halfway into the sand about 20 feet away’

Have a sunset filled night!


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