Book Rec Of The Day / A SOFT-Boiled Detective

Agatha Raisin, a former high-powered ad executive turned english cottage resident in ye old english village, can’t seem to keep away from mystery and mayhem in her bucolic and idyllic retirement.

In this edition a spring of drinking water once free in the village, now is for sale and competing interests produce a deadly result.


Agatha is the extreme opposite of the quiet subdued Miss Marple but endlessly more fun! A true emancipated woman with a twist of  sardonic wit and utter frustration.

Some of my fav dialog –

Miss Simms -a friend

” Are you going to investigate?  Will Mr. Lacey be helping you?”

” I don’t know what James is doing these days and I don’t care,” said Agatha.  ” But I will be doing public relations for the new water company on a freelance basis.”

“Pity it’s water,”  said Miss Simms.  ” Now if it was gin or whiskey, you could get us all some free samples.  My current boy-friend is in bathroom equipment.  I can get you a toilet seat.”

” That is kind of you, but my toilet seats are all right.  Do you know any members of the parish council?”



Soft-boiled but it will keep you laughing!  Have a fab night!


” The egyptian head rolled off  its pedestal knocking Mr. Peabody to the floor near the foot of the curator. “

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