Sunday Night Mystery DVD Rec.

Rumpole ia a barrister in England, he is not a HBD per se but lives a rough and tumble life of seeking justice through the golden thread of English law – the magna carta of course whose basic principles course through his veins as deeply as the poetry he spouts at times of incongruity.


Here Rumpole and ” she who must be obeyed” take off on a vacation where to Rumpole’s dismay a loathed co-worker appears also on holiday, and the fun begins!

Many layers to this episode a gem of adventure and office politics tinged with a full and deep reflection of what the Magna Carta means in everyday life.

So pour a gin and tonic and make a plate of fish and chips your night’s entertainment is assured!


”  The boat tapped against the inlet as he pushed off from shore, a pineapple upside down cake laced with arsenic in a white card board box slid towards his suitcase. “


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