Miss Marple DVD Rec – Nemesis

Professor Wanstead: Archdeacon, there’s someone I’d like you to meet. There she is…
[Gesturing in Miss Marple’s direction]

Professor Wanstead: . Mr. Rafiel’s bloodhound – his avenging angel. She looks so harmless, doesn’t she? But her camouflage is perfect because she is partly just what she seems – a gossipy old village lady, but her logic is ruthless and her powers of synthesis formidable. And above all she never lets go.


This Agatha Christie movie based on her book  (A & E version) is I think the key to Miss Marple and why she involves herself in village murders in England.  She has an overwhelming sense of justice, of righting wrongs when she comes across them.

Nemesis is about tieing up loose ends expressed in a jaunt through english country living and the dark side of one village.  It is a very cozy tale so make some cucumber and butter sandwiches  a pot of Earl Grey tea and try to guess the murderer ! It is not easy!

Some suspects…..


” She walked over a pile of ribbons and fireworks to get to the balcony where his body lay covered with envelopes marked addressee unknown. “

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