The Golden Book On Writing By David Lambuth / 1923 Writing Advice

The Semicolon!

A. In a compound sentence, independent clauses which are not joined by conjunctions should usually be separated by semisolons.

If the movement of the thought is rapid and the elements closely related, the comma may be desirable, for a comma breaks the flow far less than the formal semicolon or the still more formal colon.

B. To avoid confusion semicolons may be used to to separate clauses or groups of words which contain commas within themselves.

Note. In ordinary writing the long sentence which demanded semicolons is going out of fashion.

____________David Lambuth______________

It sounds so easy! Have a mysterious night of writing!



” The fire went to embers, waves of heat pushed against his face as a shadow caught his eye. He fell on the woven mat silently.”

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