Saturday Night DVD Rec. Mystery Lovers!

Tonight feels like a Nero Wolfe night, classy suits witty repartee and wise cracking from gals and guys who could ask for more?

” The Silent Speakers ” is a double episode  that takes Archie and  Mr. Wolfe into uncharted territory where  nothing is as it appears intrigue and double-dealing abound when Nero takes a on the NIA, in search of a murderer.

A exquisitely funny scene is when Mr. Wolfe is questioning a player in cast of  suspects and he warns him if he is not sincere he will be dumped out on the street and sure enough in three seconds flat Archie, with the help of Fritz the chef who collects the hat and coat, drags the poor fellow out by his feet to the curb of that famous brownstone- quite a trick !

I love how Timothy Hutton portrays Archie -the clothes and how they hang on his frame the way he moves, exemplifies the time in such a subtle way, it really is a perfect rendition of that period, the early 1950’s.

The kind of guy you’d like to have a  couple of beers with –

Have a great night and have fun diving  into Rex Stout’s world.

From below-

The Silent Speaker was Stout’s first full-length Nero Wolfe novel since Where There’s a Will in 1940. “Thereafter, though he would continue writing for another thirty years, his stories would all be Nero Wolfe stories,” wrote biographer John McAleer. “He liked Wolfe and Archie. After all, they were an essential part of himself. ‘During the war years I missed them,’ he told me.”[2]


The Silent Speaker:  (14 Jul. 2002)

TV Episode  –  46 min  –  
2 part episode


In post-War America, where shortages are common, the Bureau of Price Regulations is a very controversial organization, and when its leader is murdered, Wolfe takes the case.


Michael Jaffe


Michael Jaffe (teleplay), Rex Stout (novel)

Stars: Timothy Hutton, Maury Chaykin and Debra Monk 

 See for more info

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