The Golden Book On Writing By David Lambuth / 1923 Writing Advice

Keeping Parallelism parallel-

We often find it necessary to compare or contrast ideas in parallel or balanced phrases, clauses or sentences. Most of our thinking, in fact, consists in setting off one idea against another. It is easy to see  that where two ideas or groups of ideas are to be contrasted or set side by side this way, they should be worded in similar form so as to make the contrast or parallelism obvious at once to the eye.

The sentence He was a good reader but I did not care much for what he wrote throws the mind off track by failing to sate parallel ideas in a strictly parallel form. He was a good reader but a poor writer emphasizes the parallelism and brings out the meaning.

—————————By David Lambuth———————

” He fell asleep with a sandwich on a plate resting on his stomach, when he awoke the sandwich was gone, the plate was broken across the linoleum and Sheila lay face down in a pool of blood.”


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