The Golden Book On Writing by David Lambuth / 1923 Advice On Writing – STYLE

Let’s take another look at style through Mr. Lambuth’s eyes,


A comparison of styles calls our attention to the infinite variety of music and effect produceable, and it also serves to remind us of the difference between an accurate expression of thought and INDIVIDUALITY – which is style_ and the ordinary careless stringing together of words that perhaps achieves intelligibility-but achieves nothing more.

 _____________________ By David Lambuth____________________

This one sentence of advice is so apropos of the times we live in, a time where conformity is the goal of so many forces, governments that suspect anything that is different in the name of security to stores ever prying into our personal preferences i.e. lives, one needs to be aware of these influences and retain your spirit your voice when you write and never be afraid… or we will end up as Russia is today under Mr. Putin.

So write with fearlessness and think with freedom ever-present on your mind, freedom of expression, freedom of words.  Others right now in this world, have lost that right.


From  below,

Moscow Journal

A Dozen Writers Put Down Their Pens to Prove the Might of a March


Thousands of protesters joined a march organized by Russian writers in Moscow on Sunday. Poet and critic Dmitry L. Bykov, with mustache, is at right.




Published: May 13, 2012


” It was only four days ago when 12 prominent authors, disturbed by the crackdown on dissent that accompanied President Vladimir V. Putin’s inauguration, announced an experiment. They called it a “test stroll,” which aimed to determine whether it was possible to spend an afternoon walking en masse from one city park to another “without being blocked, beaten, poisoned with gas, detained, arrested or at least subjected to stupid molestation with questions.”

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