Advice From The Golden Book On Writing / By David Lambuth

Specific Words Rather Than General

Specific words are always more vivid than general words. Specific words paint pictures of particular, individual objects; general words lump these individual objects together more or less vaguely into a class.

The constant use of generalized words cause an unnecessary intrusion into your writing which usually means that you have failed to observe carefully or to think clearly or to express yourself accurately. Many times it just means that you have been lazy.

General phrasing:  A man was talking to the laborers.

Specific phrasing: Revensky,the communist, was haranguing the ditch diggers.

_____________________David Lambuth____________________

Have an exciting day of writing!


 After the incident, a broken guitar string, one freshly baked carrot cake, her  violin and two books of poetry were found in the living room -she had vanished. “

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