The Golden Book On Writing- By David Lambuth / 1923 Writing Advice

Hard Writing – Easy Writing

So now you have a rough draft, but not for long. At once, you will begin revising, you may add, cut, switch parts around, maybe throw the whole thing into the waste-paper basket and start over.

Revise and rewrite.

Even when you are content with the with the basic structure of your work you will continue to edit for clarity, conciseness, accuracy and forceful expression.

You will work over each paragraph, sentence, and word.

You will sharpen, tighten up, smooth out. 

You will check grammar, usage, spelling and punctuation.

Perhaps you will find, to your horror, that you have written:

It is likely that everyone is conscious of the deteriorating sales situation which this client continues to suffer.

So you draw your pencil through those eighteen turgid words, and write in their place:

This client’s sales are still off.

Hard writing, it has been truthfully said, alone makes easy reading.

__________________by David Lambuth___________________

” The cat leapt onto the top of  her head as she fled the scene knocking over ten shoofly pies. “

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