The Golden Book On Writing – By David Lambuth / 1923 Writing Advice

A writer’s style is his own distinctive way of expressing his personality in vocabulary, idiom, and sentence structure. Another man’s style cannot be consciously copied without plagiarism. In fact, trying to imitate another’s style is much the same thing as trying to disguise one’s identity behind a papier-mache mask that looks like Bernard Shaw or G. K. Chesterton. It might be amusing for a fancy dress ball, but only a lunatic would attempt to go about that way in ordinary life.

In the difference between an accurate expression of thought and individuality lies style.

For all that, it is well worth our while to observe and analyze the different ways in which different writers write the same language.

__________________ David Lambuth__________

”¬† I walked around the hedge, her clippers were on the grass in a pool of blood and white tulips. “

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