The Golden Book On Writing By David Lambuth -1923

Simple Words For Big Ideas

As far as possible a writer should write in the very words in which he does thinking. These are usually simple homely words. By using ” literary words” you  can sacrafice directness and lessen individuality – the greatest of all literary virtues-

 smudging out the color, and often obscuring even the sense.

When you have thought carefully through what you want to say you will find that you can always express yourself more naturally, and therefore more effectively, by using, as far as possible, the familiar words in which your thought shapes itself in your mind.

The best rule for writing- as well as speaking- is to use always the simplest words that will accurately convey your thought.

__David Lambuth______________________________

Happy writing!

”  The clock rang moments timed to the bullets fired,  no one was the wiser, he left no marks where he stood  ”  

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