Jim Hutton, Tim Hutton And Archie Goodwin

DVD Rec. For the solo marathon crowd at New years time or if at a party a great marathon running DVD for background … so even if you invited several lackluster attendees– Archie, Nero, and assorted characters keep things snapping!!!

 So I was finishing up Ellery Queen with Jim Hutton ( I love that actor ) when I thought that series really reminds me of the short-lived Nero Wolfe series on A&E and that Tim Hutton so reminds me of Jim, as I was unwilling to run out of DVD’s before the holidays were over,I searched out a Nero Wolfe Box set – got complete seasons with a discount… it was meant to be!

Wikipeded Jim and Tim and they are father and son ! Tim Hutton expands on his fathers work in this interprative genre and infuses it with his own sense of SWING as his father did before… very interesting bio check it out,

 So light up that fire break out the bubbly and canapes and snuggle down for a long night of tit for tat banter cars that won’t quit and good old fun,   Happy new year mystery aficionados!!

“Don’t mean a thing,  if it ain’t got that swing,”

Do wah  do wah dooooo wah!


Images Coutesy of Google


” The fire shone in the reflection of her freshly painted nails while she crunched another stack of papers  into the flames, the pounding on the door had nearly ceased. “

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