Merry X-mas From Ellery…Queen That Is!

Happy Holidays -I recently embarked upon a visit to the local B&N when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a box collection of Ellery Queen mysteries 40 % off!

The cashier spoke not a word but went straight to his work slapping down a bill that didn’t make me feel like a jerk,

I heard them exclaim as I drove out of sight, happy shopping to all, try online next time ! 

Laying a finger aside my nose, I opened the package along with some hose,

Placing the show in the player with the wink of an eye and the twist of my head, I soon realized I had nothing to dread,

Jim Hutton’s Ellery Queen entranced my funny bone -sometimes not on purpose ( the alice in wonderland party episode ” The Adventure Of The Mad Tea Party” is one of the strangest TV shows I have ever watched!  )… but all in classical great mystery mode of fun,

check it out to wile away the holiday hours -or- as a way to hide from visiting relatives … MERRY XMAS mystery lovers and to all a good night!                   My DVD rec. of the day!

“Match wits with Ellery Queen and see if you can guess who done it!”

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