The Golden Book Of Writing Excerpt # 7 – David Lambuth, Circa 1923

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The Natural Order   (Sentence advice continued)


Writing sentences which are easily understood frequently depends upon keeping sentence elements in their natural or logical order.  Many sentences are ineffective because their various elements  seem to have been flung together haphazard.

Remember the three simplest kinds of order – the order of time, the order of cause to effect, and the order of climax-are particularly useful in helping you to arrange details in a natural and easy series.

ex. – He flung himself over the cliff, crazed with jealousy

reverses the order in time, puts effect before cause, and is anti-climax.

The sentence would carry its meaning more clearly and more forcefully if reversed,

Crazed with jealousy, he flung himself over the cliff.


We must not forget, however, that an un-natural order may be justified if it serves the purpose of emphasis and is judiciously handled.


Above advice is courtesy of David Lambuth and Company.


Bye,  ” He tried to gulp the last part of his beer, it was frozen solid and soon he would be too unless he found a way out of this meat locker”


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