The Golden Book Of Writing Excerpt # 6 – David Lambuth Circa 1923

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The sentence (Continued)

The Frontal Attack

A sentence is a sort of moving picture of thought – it will have the clearest continuity when it follows the natural order of our thinking. 

This means that the thing thought about – the subjectshould usually appear near the beginning of the sentence, and that what is thought about it – the predicate should follow after, with the various modifying clauses, phrases, and so on-introduced in the order in which  they naturally come to the mind in its onward movement.


When a sentence doesn’t seem to be going well, stop and ask yourself,

“What is it I am really talking about in this sentence?”

After deciding on the central idea the rest of the sentence should unfold easily.

Remember,If you have a nail to hit, hit it on the head.


Above advice courtesy of David Lambuth and Company 



Bye,  ” She shuffled the deck watching the door all the time, two minutes past the deadline and she was a dead woman.”


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