The Golden Book Of Writing, Excerpt # 4 David Lambuth-1923

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The Sentence continued,

The best modern writing is coming to employ increasingly certain kinds of incomplete sentences and certain groups of words which do not attempt to represent sentences at all.

These incomplete sentences include ,

Subordinate clauses separated  by a period from their principal causes. –I yelled to him jump.  Which he did.                             This is acceptable usage for the sake of emphasis but it is a perilous practice for the amateur and should be used sparingly by the mature writer.


The modern use of groups of words that reflect the impression made upon the mind by some object or event without making any statement concerning it beyond registering that impression can be used quite beautifully but if  used too frequently it will sound like gibberish and lose its effectiveness.


Clouds, black and boiling.  as opposed to The clouds were black and boiling.


Bye,  ” Cats were everywhere, he looked under the sofa… there it was, fifty thousand dollars in stacks of one hundred-dollar bills. “

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