The Golden Book Of Writing, By David Lambuth – Excerpt # 3 – Circa 1923

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The Sentence


Sentences were created by ordinary people as the best way of expressing a thought.  It is the way in which mankind naturally thinks.  The clearer you think, the better constructed your sentences will be.

A sentence is merely the setting up of some subject of thought-  the subject– and the saying of something about it- the predicate.  It is the unit of all logical thinking.


Completeness in the sentence –

A sentence is normally an independent unit.  Hence, if a sentence is not complete, if it cannot stand alone, we feel the thought is broken or imperfect.

Writing with subordinate clauses such as those beginning with the relatives who, which that, the conjunction though, or the adverb where -is objectionable because they are not complete sentences.


Which he took with him.

Though I had not seen him before.

Where he had been twice.

Try to avoid the use of subordinate clauses to keep your writing clear!


Bye, “The cake was dripping icing onto the floor where it mixed wth his blood.”

2 Responses to “The Golden Book Of Writing, By David Lambuth – Excerpt # 3 – Circa 1923”

  1. But what about beginning sentences with other conjuctions? It breaks a rule, but regardless, I simply must do it occasionally.

  2. Hi, as Mr. Lambuth and associates talked further, they directly mentioned that ” the use of who, where, and which interogatively –Who left town yesterday? -is of course another matter” which I think you are referring to.

    His theory I think is to make your writing as clear as possible and to follow his rules where that goal can be achieved.

    I haven’t finished with sentences yet, there are quite a few more recommendations by Mr. Lambuth! but I am trying to lay out in a memorable and easy to read form, the gist of his ideas…hows that for a longwinded response!

    Anyway, look for more on sentences in the next couple of posts!!

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