” Stop Calling Me The Prince Of Darkness… That’s How Rumours Get Started… Monk

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Adrian Monk “who use to be a police officer’ is another of the classic soft/hardboiled detectives.  His illness keeps him focused on the minutiae of life and therein lies many times the clues to solving the mystery.

 He is an obsessive compulsive personality asking for wipes from his assistant after shaking anyones hand yet dogged in his unfailing committment to exposing the criminals once he is convinced of their guilt.

One episode in particular stands out as exemplifying the well written and  wonderfully acted and staged series and all its goofily quirky characters and their hilarious interconnected meanderings – that episode is,

“Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever” Season 3 –

It is like watching a stand up comedian sling one liners at you only in the format of a television show, by the end of watching that episode you will have a perfect view of who Mr. Monk is and the world that surrounds him.


” See, the thing is …”



Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever
Season no. 3
Episode no. 3.12
Airdate February 4, 2005
Written by Hy Conrad
Directed by Jerry Levine
Guest stars Josh Stamberg as Agent Grooms
Faith Prince as Kathy Willowby
Moon Bloodgod as Hayley
Glenn Morshower as Martin Willowby
Dylan Cussman as Deputy Paul Coby
Preceded by Mr. Monk vs. The Cobra
Followed by Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic


Bye, “The circus carousel came to a screeching halt, underneath lay two fishnet stockinged legs resting in emerald green high heels.  Pete bent down and removed the shoes.”

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