Pre- Hardboiled Detective – Sherlock Holmes – A Thinking Man’s Detective

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“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever that remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

If one sentence ever summed up a  detective the above quotation does that for Sherlock Holmes.   Conan Doyle created a figure that emblazed himself on the mind of the reader.

Erudite urban singular and tough as nails – he trusts only his intellect .  These qualities make Sherlock Holmes a full member of the hardboiled dick club.

Monument of Sherlock Holmes in London

 Selected quotes from Sherlock Holmes

The adventure of the three Garridbes,

  • Well, Watson, we can but possess our souls in patience and see what the hour may bring.
    • Page 1053
  • The Adventure Of The Devils Foot,

  • Sterndale “How do you know that?”
    Holmes “I followed you.”
    Sterndale “I saw no one.”
    Holmes “That is what you may expect to see when I follow you.”

    • Page 967
  • Note:

    Holmes describes himself as “Bohemian” in habits and lifestyle. According to Dr Watson, Holmes is an eccentric, with no regard for contemporary standards of tidiness or good order. In an early story, Watson describes Holmes as:

    The worst tenant in London…[he] keeps his cigars in the coal-scuttle, his tobacco in the toe end of a Persian slipper, and his unanswered correspondence transfixed by a jack-knife into the very centre of his wooden mantelpiece… He had a horror of destroying documents…Thus month after month his papers accumulated, until every corner of the room was stacked with bundles of manuscript which were on no account to be burned, and which could not be put away save by their owner.[12]

    What appears to others as chaos, however, is to Holmes a wealth of useful information. Throughout stories, Holmes is depicted as diving into his apparent mess of random papers and artifacts only to retrieve precisely the specific document or eclectic item he was looking for.   FROM WIKIPEDIA


    Bye,  “She closed the door to the wine cellar and walked softly away- a loud crash sounded and she lurched up the steps.”

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