Hercule Poirot – Hardboiled Dick?

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Good old Hercule Poirot, hated by writer Agatha Christie so much she killed him off in a story long before the public would allow her to end their favorite detective’s life. 

Some might say he is not hardboiled but let’s look at the attributes of a HB dick.

Eccentric Check!

Loner  Check!

Delving into psychological  landscape of victims   Check!


Well …maybe he is soft- bolied but Christie’s mastery of  character evolution and understanding of everyday motivation’s for murder, are unparalleled.

Let’s listen in,

Somewhere on  the River Nile, Egypt…


Poiroit gazed with interest at the subject of the remarks of his companions.  He murmured, “She is beautiful.”

“Some people have got everything,” said Rosalie bitterly.

There was a queer grudging expression on her face as she watched the other girl come up the gangplank.

Linnet Doyle was looking as perfectly turned out as if she were stepping onto the centre of the stage of a Revue.  She had something too of the assurance of a famous actress.  She was used to being looked at, to being admired, to being the centre of the stage wherever she went.

She was aware of the keen glances bent upon her–and at the same time almost unaware of them; such tributes were part of her life.


Excerpt from  “Death On The Nile” novel.

Hercule Poirot
David Suchet as Hercule Poirot
First appearance The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Last appearance Curtain
Created by Agatha Christie
Portrayed by David Suchet
Peter Ustinov
Albert Finney
See below
Gender Male
Occupation Private Dectective
 · Former Retired Detective
 · Former Police officer
Religion Christianity (Roman Catholic)
Nationality Belgian


Bye,     “After the door was shut, the room closed in on them, surrounding their forms in a dark molasses of  fear.”

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