Rex Stout’s Portly, Orchid Loving, Detective ” Nero Wolfe ” Takes Flight In The 2002 A+E Presentation

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Rex Stout’s quirky, routine obsessed detective ” Nero Wolfe ” predates the likes of ” Colombo “and ” Rockford ” each with their own funky take on life, unique way of living and approaching the art of detecting.  The A & E  presentation of  Mr. Stout’s character stands out in its clean crisp dialog,  authentically beautiful period wardrobe, and densely enjoyable music track. 

Every aspect of that production was true to the writer’s vision but tweaked one step up to produce a campy flow of  the writer’s visual intention mixed with his unstoppable patter of  dialog. 

A true treasure of mind altering fun and 40’s swing.  Check it out if you can on DVD.

Here is a dialog sample between Archie (Nero Wolfe’s long suffering, tough, wise cracking secretary/screener) and Mr. Wolfe,  


Archie speaking –

” When I had finished, Wolfe said, ” Mr. Pohl has telephoned again, twice, from the Keyes office.  He’s a jackass.  Go there and see him.  The address-“

” I know the address.  What part of him do I look at?”

” Tell him to stop telephoning me. “

” Right.  I’ll cut the wires.  Then what do I do?”

” Phone in again, and we’ll see.”


From ” Bullet for One ” a 1950 collection of Novelettes.

Images from the A&E series,


Timothy Hutton as Archie


The Manhattan Brownstone used for exteriors in A Nero Wolfe Mystery



Bye,     “She shook her head, stopping briefly to count the alligators floating around his corpse.”

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