Let’s Talk About Cases Solved Over A Singapore Sling With A Blue Umbrella On Top!

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Statistics, Lore and  Anything Else That Flips My Writer’s Lid.



Silk And Cotton

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The quilt was torn… beneath it lay a body but not just any body or anybody — it was Christina Hagenhoffer one of the first Canadian mounted police- she had been investigating, on her own time as she was retired, the murder of Thomas E. Dragon a scientist working in the field of AI who died mysteriously in his lab while working on a humanoid robot named S.A.L. 1000.

Curiously the robot disappeared along with Dr. Dragon’s notebook. There was no appearance of forced entry in the lab that day or this day.

Detective Crumbel  stood in the lab perusing the quilt for clues…


Write how you think this mystery should end.. Mystery story challenge ! Stretch your brain …


HB Movie Of The Night

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THE Maltese Falcon!

Mysteriou,s psychologically jarring, well acted, intricate characters woven together in a jigsaw of words and events, Fabulous!




“It was spring and her walk took her to the pond where she saw two red shoes resting on the bamboo dock.”



Mystery Detective Haiku!

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I wear a bowler hat

my jackets are graced with a flower

shiny spats cover my feet




Send guess’ in comments section-answer  on Friday!!


” Bubbles filled the room as she walked to the window the edge of her sandals caught on a prone body”


Flash Mystery Story Challenge!

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The door closed.  Parrots began flying up towards the solar rooftop that was open.  She glanced backwards over the mounds of coconut flour and sugar waiting to be made into that surprise birthday cake she was supposed to jump out of.

‘ You can forget that, ‘ she said pulling off the bejewelled costume and jumping into her favorite pair of parachute pants and top ‘ I’m getting out of here.’

She followed the blue and green Macaws as they flew up and out of the massive white kitchen, jamming the 45 revolver she found under a pile of cherries into her photographers vest.

As the tip of her boot hit the edge of the skylight and the last yellow macaw flew past her head she could hear the door below break off its hinges………


You finish it!!!!


Detective Story of The Day

Official site chronicling the adventures of Indian detective, Vish Puri. Read an excerpt from the forthcoming book, ‘The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken’; tour Vishvishpuri.com


It’s set in a very believable India and the detective Vish Puri (being Punjabi and all) loves to boast about his achievements, lives on deep-fried food despite the despite the despairing entreaties of doctor and wife, has nicknames for his staff and …

Indian Weekender · 10/2/2009


Dashiell Hammett And Ross Macdonald

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Two of my current favorite writers ever since I found a collection of each writer’s novels in one of my many old book forays -one 1969 one 1970, a peak in classy writing.


Mr. Hammett writes in a staccato of images and words that builds until boom you laugh reflect or wonder what will come next Mr. Macdonald rolls his words around as if on a roller coaster mixing them with surprise spikes of artful images that present you an insight into feelings or a box of word wit.


Both are equal in their skill at mystery, one is a clear hardboiled perception of the world the other an intrinsic leap into the abstract beauty and psychology of situations and people.

for example –

“She stirred like an odalisque in the dying light, and recrossed her polished legs. ”



“The chauffeur, still toting his billboard cue, still regarding me without fondness, met me on the  ground floor and took me to the door, looking as if he hoped I would start something.  I didn’t.”



Painting wise it reminds me of Impresionism meeting Cubism, pick up a read at the library and see what you think!


It’s A Sentence-off ! Between Dashiell and Ross!!

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” Mockery rippled in a smile on her face.’




“Twilight hung like blue smoke in the room.”

– Ross


Happy reading —

” Orange blossoms broke the silence as they hit the black and white tiled floor .”


Writer’s Challenge! Finish This Flash Story !

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She walked past the pastry shop her ears ringing from gunshots that had clipped her feathered hat.

“Why do people over react ?  Calm down, ” she thought shoving a pearl handled revolver into  her purse.  ‘ Oh my favorite, ‘ she walked into the shop and bought seven dark chocolate Heaven Sents, a local treat filled with rasberry jam.

‘Yum-ski,’ she thought after sitting down on a park bench and devoring a few. She saw Peter in his grey fedora and waved.

” Janey. ” He called and walked over from his daily fencing match with one of his students.  He always wore a grey fedora whilst fencing.


Have a mysterious and wonderful holiday!!!